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Tapas of the Week #6 – Canapés


I’m quite a bit behind on my Tapas of the Week because of my recent trip to the US so today I am offering you a look at three authentic tapas I recently enjoyed at a great tapas bar called Retinto in Madrid. A canapé is a slice of bread topped with something tasty and here are some good examples.

1. On the left we have “Sobrasada con Miel”

Sobrasada is soft paprika infused sausage originating from the Spanish island of Mallorca and is so soft it can be spread on bread. Here it is mixed with honey, a common combination, which creates a delightful sweet and savory balance.

2. In the center we have “Solomillo con Brie”

Solomillo is sirloin, and here its sliced thin and topped with a slice of brie cheese. Easy to make at home! Retinto also does other sirloin tapas, one with mustard and another with caramelized onions. Delicious!

3. On the right is “Jamon de pato con tomate”

Cured duck ham on a slice of bread topped with a thin layer of fresh tomato purée. This could be a fun variation of pan tumaca if you wanted to add some garlic.

Que aproveche!!


Retinto/Address: c/ Alonso Cano, 38 / Tel: 91 442 3419 / Metro: Aonso Cano or Rios Rosas


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