Tapa of the Week #15 – Brains

Brains, sesos

After a winter of little tapas activity, I am back with some more Spanish food to taste and places to visit. I thought I would share a tapa I had last weekend. I tried it more for the sake of a post for the blog than because I really wanted to. No, “miento,” that’s not true, I was curious as to what brains tasted like. We were in Cuidad Rodrigo, a beautiful walled in town full of renaissance palaces in Western Spain not far from Portugal. There is also a lovely Parador in a converted in a 14th century castle.

As luck would have it, on our walk through the city it suddenly it starts pouring down rain, and none of the six people in my group had thought of bringing an umbrella from the car. So we ducked into the first bar we came upon, which had only one patron, who I think was the grandfather of the girl working there. We ordered Cola Cao and tea and began to warm up. I notice that one of my friends is looking into the glass case on the bar, wondering to himself and all of us, just what kind of meat this was? “Sesos” replies the girl behind the counter in an uninterested voice.
Brains, sesos

So my friend Carl and I decided it was time we tried sesos, and with the slices of garlic we saw around them in the dish, I thought, at least they won’t taste too bad.

I have to say, I probably won’t be eating too many sesos again in the future. The taste was not bad, a fine meaty taste, but I didn’t enjoy the soft and slippery texture. Of course I would happily eat them if I had no other option, and many people really do enjoy them. Anyone like brains?



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4 responses to “Tapa of the Week #15 – Brains

  1. That looks like a hefty portion of Sesos. I’d try half the portion.

  2. Really? It was a small little cazuela and the brains were only a bit bigger than a golf ball. The fork is small, not the normal table sized fork, maybe that makes it look bigger.

  3. michael

    I have been eating some sesos from time to time, they are not so bad. Maybe the ones you had were sitting around for a while. The other day, I took the heart out of a cabrito, seasoned it, a little ex olive oil on the plancha…tasty!

  4. Brains… waaah. I was in a small Madrid bar the other day and was offered some sesos as a tapa. I made up some story about being stuck in Romania years ago and only having brains to eat for a week… So the nice lady gave me a steaming bowl of callos instead (not much of an improvement – tripe and sauce).
    Do you eat to drink – or drink to eat?

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