Tapa of the Week #8 – Bacalao Ahumado

Salt cod is found anywhere and everywhere in Spain. And its not even a fish that is found in Spanish waters, but more than any other fish, this one is probably has the most deep rooted traditions attached to it.  Cod in Spanish cuisine arrived back in medieval times, possibly discovered when Basque fisherman went to northern waters to hunt for whales. Basque legends claim they discovered Newfoundland centuries before Colombus set sail and discovered a “New World.” Today the bacalao in Spain comes mostly from fisherman from Scotland and Norway. Once a food for the poor, now bacalao is one of the luxury foods of Spain. And smoked cod is quite the delicacy. The texture is a bit grainier than smoked salmon and the mild, sweet saltiness of the cod seems to melt in your mouth. It has a flavor of the sea but not fishy.

So on your quest for bacalao ahumado you could try one of my favorite little wine bars on Cava Baja in Madrid, La Concha. They serve interesting Spanish wines by the glass and tapas that are pleasing both to the eye and palate. Below is their Canapé de Bacalao Ahumado with small (delicious) fruit for decoration, a balsamic reduction design on the plate, olive oil and paprika sprinkled over the top. A flavorful work of art!


La Concha

Address: Cava Baja, 7

Tel. 91 365 0551

Click here for a map including other bars in the area



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4 responses to “Tapa of the Week #8 – Bacalao Ahumado

  1. Yum one of my favorite bars for Cava! Always a great selection. Thanks for the write.

  2. Txopo

    Qué rico el bakalao ahumado! Tiene una pinta increible.
    Congrats for the blog. Really interesting!
    I think I don´t know that tapas bar, I will go next time I go to Madrid for sure!

  3. Thanks Ryan and Txopo! And thanks for visiting. I have been so busy lately but I have lots more tapas pictures, places and recipes to share so come back again. Un saludo! -Janelle

  4. UPDATE:
    This bar may have changed owners. I was there in August and they served potato chips and nuts for tapas. So sad. I will stop by again, I was hoping maybe the regular people were just on vacation.

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