Tapa of the Week #7 – Pescado Adobado

pescado adobado

Pescado Adobado, or Battered Fish is a common tapa in some of the tapas bars around the Plaza Mayor. Its just what it sounds like, a white fish battered and fried with a seasoned batter possibly more addictive than McDonald’s. I get this all the time, but I have to admit I’ve never asked them what kind of fish it actually is. I will find out next time I’m at the Cerverceria Sol-Mayor which is on the tourist-frequented walking street Postas, which links the Puerta del Sol to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. In the US, we would call this kind of bar a “greasy spoon” and because of the looks of it I think some tourists steer clear, also because of the fact that there are no tables and very few stools to sit on. The bright lights, 80´s looking decor of mirror filled walls, pictures of the food by the door and the ubiquitous gambling machines may deter those looking for a little ambiance. But for boisterous and jovial Madrileño service, a wide variety of great traditional tapas, this “cerveceria” is perfect.

Address: Calle Postas, Madrid
Metro stop: Sol



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3 responses to “Tapa of the Week #7 – Pescado Adobado

  1. Janelle, I don’t think I have ever tried this in Madrid, nor in Barcelona. Do you know what the batter is seasoned in? I ask, because as you are very familiar with, the Madrileños are famous for their food sin salsa, or sauce. Hence, I wonder if the seasoning gives the fish that much needed zest typically unseen in greasy-spoon bars in Madrid.

  2. If only more people would read this..

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